P&P Effective Aug 30, 2023

Glow Boutique 


  •  Glow Boutique accepts, prices, and sells your items. Consignors receive a percentage of the final sale price which immediately credits that account.
  • Consignors receive 30% for all consigned clothing
  • New accounts require a one time, $5 setup fee.
  • Consignors can use their account credit in the store to purchase items or take a check once a month.
  • We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.
  • We conduct sales periodically and your items will be part of standard sales. 
  • Items that do not sell during the contract period will be DONATED. Contract periods are 4 months long.
  • Credit balances expire after 1 full calendar year if not used in store credit or taken by check. Consignors are responsible for inquiring on accounts and tracking when account balances expire. No notice will be given prior to the 1 year expiry date.
  • If you choose to pull consignment items prior to their 4 month contract period, you will be charged a $5 per item fee.
  • Consignors are responsible for updating account contact information.
  • Consignors who live or move outside the limits of (Terrace, BC), can request a check to be mailed to them for a $2 fee per check request. These consignors are responsible for their items, account activity/inactivity, account balance, and requesting a check to be mailed.


  1. From your drop-off, we’ve selected items for further processing. We call this a presort. After our presort is finished and you’ve left, Glow Boutique will continue to inspect and price your items and display them on our sales floor.  Sometimes we may find a flaw or stain that went unnoticed at the original drop off. If so, you will receive an email stating you have an unacceptable item(s) for pickup. You’ll have 3 business days to return to the store and collect any items we have  chosen not to keep and sell under your account.

  2. We strive to process your items the same day you bring them in, sometimes it can be up to two weeks if we are very busy with drop offs.
  • Disclaimer for others dropping off under your account.
  1.     Ex. If person A is dropping off for Consignor B, person A signs as the responsible party for Consignor B’s no-thank-you’s and all policies and procedures apply to Consignor B’s items & account pertaining to that drop-off.
  2.  **If your mother, MIL, or friend is dropping off for you, please make sure they’re aware of the pickup policies for no-thank-you’s. 

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