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Diamonelle .925 Gold Band

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Diamonelle .925 Stirling Silver Gold Band


Excellent preloved condition

More about Diamonelle:

Diamonelle stones are machine cut to the exact dimensions of genuine diamonds for a fire and brilliance that is superior to the real thing. Diamonelle has a higher level of dispersion (fire) than regular diamonds and corundum (sapphire and rubies), which have toughness ratings of excellent and good to excellent, respectively. While it can withstand everyday wear, it is not impervious to damage. However, no gemstone in the world is impervious to damage. After all, how would you cut a stone if it could not be damaged?

Diamonelle jewellery is made exactly like fine jewellery. Every step in the process, from the mountings to the skilled craftspeople assembling the pieces by hand, is the same. The Diamonelle line features a great deal of multiple-piece work that you wouldn't normally see in other lines of diamond simulants.

Diamonelle are the highest quality simulants in this category. They are virtually flawless and colourless. The shape, size and position of the facets are identical to that of genuine diamonds. Diamonelle looks so real that only a trained jeweller or gemologist can tell the difference.

The real difference lies in price. Since up to 98% of the price of fine jewellery is the cost of the diamond, Diamonelle pieces can range anywhere from 1/10 to 1/100th in price.