Ariadne" Triple Layer Tiny Snake Chain Necklace - Gold

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Pika and Bear

Ariadne" Triple Layer Tiny Snake Chain Necklace - Gold

Ariadne was a princess in Greek mythology who was known for helping her love, Theseus, defeat the minotaur within his maze. The use of her infamous thread is now a metaphor for logical decision making using physical marking, philosophical reasoning or mental tracking. In regards to all things, we can appreciate a little reminder to always stop and reason out a solution to a problem.

Either way, we love how soft the chain feels on this layered necklace. The snake chain flows like water and lays beautifully on the collar bone. This style measures in at sixteen and a half inches long with a two inch extension chain for extra adjustability.

- Available in gold.

- Composed of gold plated brass.

- Hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free.

- Designed and assembled in Canada.

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