3 Things to Stop Right Now Closet
Three Things To Stop Right Now Closet Tips

Three things to stop right now...

  • Buying things you like on other people but not on yourself!

    We often get caught up with "what's trending" and run out to jump on the next bandwagon..."Well it looks great on her. So I'm adding it to my cart!"

    Then disappointment follows suit when it doesn't fit you the way you liked it on someone else.

    It's okay to try on clothes to see if you like the style. But don't BUY if you don't actually like it... just because it's on trend.

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    "Well it looks great on her. So I'm adding it to my cart!"

    • Not trying things on before you buy!

    three things to stop right now

        Just no. Always try before you buy.

        If you are shopping online, check the return policy first. Unless you want to waste money, time and precious closet space to display items you won't wear. 

        You might not like an article of clothing simply because you don't like the way the fabric feels, or the length of the sleeves.


        • Buying things ONLY off the sale rack!

        three things to stop right now closet tips

          Often you end up spending more on things that are "just" about right because they are a good deal, rather than what you will actually wear.

          Before you know it, you have a closet full of clothing that doesn't fit quite right.

          The things that slightly annoyed you in the beginning, will annoy you each time you try to wear it. Maybe those pants are just a little too snug, or a little too big. Maybe they fit well, but are a pattern that you don't care for.

          All of these "sale purchases" can add up to as much as you would have spent on something full price that you would have loved and actually worn.

          Instead, shop the sale rack and purchase only items that fit well and are what you are going to wear. 

          What do you think? Are these "Three things to stop right now," something you will implement in your closet? Let me know how you make out in the comments!

          Check out my "Three Things to Stop Right Now" 10 second Video Clip Below:


          Three Things To Stop Right Now Closet Tips


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